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UNT Juvenâge - Acetyl Hexa-peptide Serum

[ 35ml/1.2oz ] With upgraded and advanced preparation, the new line-refining JUVENÂGE has been developed to optimally smooth the appearance of fine lines. It is able to capture biological wrinkle-causing factors from their root causes and wipe out the most visible signs of aging.JUVENÂGE uses acetyl hexa-peptide 8 as one of its dual actions to fight wrinkles that are caused by the contraction of muscles. By effectively intercepting the wrinkle-inducing SNARE complex and inhibiting the production of catecholamine as the chemical by-products of expression-making, JUVENÂGE actively eliminates the appearance of wrinkles and creases. It is a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to the injection of botulinum toxin. Additionally, studies have shown, for the same amount, hexa-peptide is 100 times as effective as vitamin A without the irritation side effect.A second catalytic ingredient added to this powerful formula is copper peptide, which is known for its ability to improve healing on skin lesions. Thanks to its effective collagen stimulating power, copper peptide acts as the foundation; it productively repairs skin damages and improves skin texture by providing the skin with powerful rejuvenating energy. In a recent study, copper peptide produces a stronger stimulation of collagen synthesis than tretinoin (Retin-A) or ascorbate (vitamin C), making it the best accomplice to hexa-peptide in this all-around age-resistant formula.With acetyl hexa-peptide 8 and copper peptide as active key elements of JUVENÂGE , studies have shown that the depth and length of wrinkles can be visibly reduced by 40% after 30 days of continued usage.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #150606 in Beauty
  • Brand: UNT
  • Dimensions: .0 pounds
  • Fights wrinkles caused by facial muscle movements with acetyl hexa-peptide 8
  • Reduce the depth and length of wrinkles around eyes, mouth and forehead
  • Safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to the injection of botulinum toxin
  • Copper Peptides stimulates collagen synthesis, repairs skin damages, and improves skin texture
  • Free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase required

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