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Colbert MD Daily Nutrition for Skin - Nutrify & Protect Day Lotion

A skin-nourishing, daily defender that protects skin from environmental assaults. A powerful complex of active natural ingredients work together deep within the cell producing layers, restoring skin's health and well being.Who doesn't want fresh, healthy....simply great skin?It's not hard to achieve. Really. You just need to do the right thing with the right products. Each Day. Every Day.Dr. David Colbert, founder and head physician of New York Dermatology Group, has developed a new, unique approach to easily achieve health and beauty.Dr. Colbert is a strong believer that healthy, beautiful skin can and should be realized by every one of us.How? Just as dietary nutrients fuel the body's health and performance, the correct topical nutrients are of critical importance in maintaining the health and appearance of our skin.It's simply a matter of daily attention, simple is the key word here, to fortify and maintain the health of our skin, which is constantly under assault from both internal and external factors.The skin's main line of defense is its incredible natural ability to heal itself."With the Right Products, the Skin's Ability to Self-Heal is Amazing" - David Colbert MD

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #159271 in Beauty
  • Size: 1.7 oz
  • Brand: COLBERT MD
  • Model: 793573768230
  • Number of items: 100
  • A skin-nourishing, daily defender that protects skin from environmental assaults.
  • Patented QuSome Technology delivers potent active ingredients deep into the cell producing layers where they facilitate the growth of healthy, new skin.
  • Tremella Mushroom Extract: Natural source of hyaluronic acid, skin's own moisturizer Plays a strong role in collagen synthesis
  • Environment Protective complex : Coenzyme Q10 Protects skin from UV damage Genistein Fights free radicals Lipoic Acid Defends against oxidative stress
  • Tibetan Goji Berry Rich source of vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants Combats the aging process, helps to reverse sun damage

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