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Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Creme

New skin defense cream counteracts the aging effects of the environment and skin-challenging lifestyle choices.Twelve powerful Asian botanical antioxidants arrest environmentally accelerated skin oxidation-the leading cause of early aging-while simultaneously recovering existing UV and free radical damage.It is the age-arresting skin defense solution for first signs of emerging lines and wrinkles.1.7 ouncesAbout Amore Pacific:More than 60 years ago, Amore Pacific founder Sung-Hwan Suh introduced his concept of harnessing the natural restorative powers of indigenous Asian botanicals to deliver a more healthy, youthful appearance. The Amore Pacific collection features treatments derived from plants such as bamboo, green tea and Korean red ginseng, which are harvested at peak times to capture the highest nutrient potency.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #288594 in Beauty
  • Brand: Amore Pacific
  • Model: E00233
  • Ingredients: Amorepacific Future Response Age Defense Creme 1.7 Oz Brand New in Box,
  • Number of items: 10
  • Protects skin from external harmful environment and helps to recover skin from the associated damages.
  • The Future Response ComplexTM, an ingredient with stron anti-oxidant and anti trouble effects, protects skin and prevents aging in the future.
  • AB-12 ComplexTM, a compound of 12 Asian botanical ingredients, works individually against 12 early aging symptoms to restore healthy skin from damages due to external harmful environment.

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