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Dermalastyl-Beta x Pro | Face Formula

Every jar can turn the clock back another six months.Almost from DermaLastyl's inception, we have received inquiries from Dermatologists, other skin care professionals and spas about a professional strength version of our product for use with their clients.In response, we developed a formulation of DermaLastyl containing significantly higher concentrations of the active ingredients that make DermaLastyl so effective. For example, we included five times the amount of prized tropoelastin used in our current DermaLastyl-beta face cream. When we conducted safety studies with this new formulation, we discovered that it was so sufficiently mild and safe to use that we could also offer this product directly to our existing customers.Dermaplus, Inc. proudly introduces a higher potency, higher performance product for those who would benefit from even more anti-aging and wrinkle prevention. DermaLastyl-beta Professional Strength Face Cream (Pro/face formula) capitalizes and expands on the great success of DermaLastyl-beta.So what makes this new product even more effective than its counterpart?Simply stated, each and every jar of the new DermaLastyl pro formula contains five times the amount of tropoelastin as included in our current product. Furthermore, this formulation contain a sufficient amount of tropelastin to replace 6.8 times the amount of elastin lost during the period of use. In other words, one year of continuous pro formula use provides six times the amount of elastin lost over a typical five-year period.** Individual results may vary. Skin uptake may also vary on an individual basis.We all want that younger looking skin that makes us look and feel great. Now it is more than possible with DermaLastyl-beta Pro | Face formula with extra tropoelastin.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #270978 in Beauty
  • Brand: Dermalastyl
  • Ingredients: Argireline, Elastatropin / Tropoelastin, Hyaluronic Acid, L-selenomethionine, Matrixyl / Matrixyl 3000
  • Dimensions: .11 pounds
  • A higher potency, higher performance product for those who would benefit from even more anti-aging and wrinkle prevention.
  • Contains higher concentrations of several active ingredients in the original DermaLastyl products, like tropoelastin (elastatropin), which generously replaces the skin's lost human elastin through repeated application.
  • In addition to increased amounts of tropoelastin, the pro formula also contains higher concentrations of Matrixyl, Argireline and Hyaluronic acid.
  • The airless pump containers resourcefully dispense the cream in metered amounts, ensuring the purest high-quality product.
  • The rejuvenating face cream gives off a silky smooth feel and a lightly scented, clean fragrance.

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