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Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals gamma hydroxy

Discover the amazing benefits of skin resurfacing without lasers or peels! The accumulation of excess dead cells on the surface of the skin can give it a dull, coarse, and blotchy appearance that can make it look older than it actually is. Gamma Hydroxy is a luxurious cream that?s enriched with fruit acids to regenerate skin renewal, refine the skin?s texture and give the skin a new found radiance. Skin Doctor's Gamma Hydroxy is a the ultimate in skin renewal resurfacing. By applying this blend of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid, to the skin, the forceful actions of both AHAs and BHAs (Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids) go to work to loosen the ?cement? that binds the dead skin in stratum corneum (a keratolytic action), allowing faster shedding of this layer. Through doing this the Gamma Hydroxy moisturises, exfoliates, and stimulates the skin, thereby reducing pore size (even on oily skin), improving skin texture and colour, and revealing the younger, healthier skin below. Many skin problems are associated with 'hyperkeratinisation', or the accumulation of excess dead cells on the surface of the skin. This can contribute to the dull, course, rough, blotchy, and dry appearance of aging skin. You should start enjoying a more youthful glowing, dewy looking complexion within just days of using Gamma Hydroxy. An improvement in the appearance of wrinkle depth, acne-scarring and hyperpigmented areas may take 3-6 weeks. Within 12 weeks you should have an all round effect and enjoy skin that is visibly firmer, smoother, and healthier looking. Use Gamma Hydroxy for daytime exfoliation, then use Gamma Hydroxy Forte at night, also available form DNHP. We recommend also using Skin Doctors Supermoist products - 24 hour hydrating Face and Body moisturisers - with any product from the Skin Doctors range.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #114127 in Beauty
  • Brand: Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals
  • Dimensions: .44 pounds
  • 1.7 fl. oz.
  • skin resurfacing cream

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