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Saffron Seed Nutrient Cream - 2 oz - Cream

Saffron Seed Nutrient Cream by Wild Carrot Herbals 2 oz Cream Saffron Seed Nutrient Cream Suggested Use Nutrient-rich cream for expressive faces that contains cell regenerating essential oils and vitamin-rich botanical oils 2 oz glass jar Known as ''the spice of life''- saffron- from the crocus sativa flower is an appropriate remedy to apply to those areas where life and living seem to show up so well. Namely around the eyes forehead and neck. This nutrient rich cream contains sea buckthorn fruit oil for it's high beta carotene content rosehip seed oil for it's cell regenerating properties and wild carrot flower essence the queen of the roadside neighboring fields and our farm. All the essential oils were chose for their cell regenerating properties that they offer. The scent is unusual earthy and grounding. Other Ingredients Contains purified water organic coconut oil shea butter virgin cocoa butter emulsifying wax NF vegetable glycerin sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil organic rose h

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #393259 in Health and Beauty
  • Size: 2 oz
  • Brand: Wild Carrot Herbals
  • Dimensions: .30 pounds
  • 2 oz Cream

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