Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Restruct® Facial Remapping Cream

Introducing Restruct® Facial Remapping Cream from ILONA SKIN SCIENCES. A wholly unique formula in feel and performance from one of the monarchs of skincare. Restruct FRC systemically improves every dimension of aging skin. Committed use produces visible, discernible changes in skin firmness, reflectivity, hydration, and tonicity.Weeks 1 and 2:Gradual, perceptible improvements in elasticity, pliability-the undercurrent of renewing collagen.Weeks 4 to 6:Skin comes under the influence of the remarkable technologies utilized in Restruct FRC: Firmer, compact profiles; escalating resilience; suppleness and intrinsic luminosity-the biological markers of youthful skin.Week 8 and beyond:Dynamic renovations in skin are evident to you and others. Continued use helps maintain results and yield additional, dramatic improvements.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #675925 in Beauty
  • Color: White
  • Model: ACTG-13650
  • Dimensions: 6.00" h x1.50" w x2.50" l,.16 pounds
  • Targets collagen receptors; substantively reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Remaps skin's topography; improving texture, firmness, tonicity.
  • Markedly increases epidermal density; proliferates beneficial collagen.
  • Produces systemic improvements in every dimension of aging skin.

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