Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Ocean Drive Skin Care Anti-Aging System Formulated to Stop and Reverse Aging and Minimize The Appearance of Wrinkles from the makers of Vimulti anti-aging supplements.

The Latest Breakthrough in anti aging straight from South Beach is The Ocean Drive Skin Care Rejuvenation System. Leaders in anti-aging hormone treatment now bring this breakthrough anti-aging systems that was designed specifically for elite South Beach models who were faced with the damaging effects of the South Beach Sun. This new powerful facial rejuvenation system includes 5 specially created facial nutrients engineered to reverse wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and help support healthy skin. Biopharm Nutraceuticals a market leader in anti-aging supplements now provides all 5 products in this anti-wrinkle skin care system exclusively on Ama**n. Included in this anti-aging skin care system is one 4 ounce bottle of our Hydrating Cleanser, one Jar of our Hydrating Mask, one 30ml Anti-Aging Moisturizer Matrixyl, one 15 ml Green Apple Eye Serum, and one 2 ounce bottle of our skin rejuvenating Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Each one of these individual formulas sells for over $50 in South Beach Spas and Resorts.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #163350 in Beauty
  • Brand: Ocean Drive Skin Care
  • Hyaluronic Acid Skin Protectant age reversal ant-aging
  • anti-aging moisturizer matrixyl stops wrinkles anti-acne
  • hydrating face cleanser help rejuviante face anti-wrinkle
  • green apple eye serume eliminates wrinks dark circles
  • hydrating mask reveres aging reduces wrinkles reduce acne

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