Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

A highly moisturizing, anti-dark circles eye cream formulated with EGF (Epidermal Grow Factor) the Noble award winning prize ingredient, through its cutting edge technology. Specially stimulating cell turnover, defies melanin production and fades the existing pigmentation. Other plant stem extracts also help to recover the firmness below the eyes and visibly reduce the puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. To maximize the effective results, use day and night around the eye area to revitalize and enhance its luminosity.Content:30 gNotes:For all skin types, especially recommended for uneven skin tone.Usage: Apply small amount around the eye area. Use day and night.Anti-wrinkle cosmetics certified by KFDA. Made in Korea.

  • Brand: 4w Solution
  • Lightens dark pigmentation under eye and reduces fine line around the eye area while restoring the hydration
  • Contains EGF to restores damaged skin cells, stimulates cell turnover for maximize regeneration

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