Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

A luxurious night cream, which helps the skin look younger. It slows down the look of ageing . It also helps to moisturize and refresh dull, dry skin, reducing the appearance of age spots and skin blotches. Works as an efficient emollient. Shahnaz Husain product line is based on India's holistic healing tradition of Ayurveda. Every product contains precious herbs, fruits and flowers of plants grown in the pristine environment of the Hymalayas. Prepared in India, it is a perfect blend of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with the latest skin technologies. Contains Date, Apricot & Honey, Cassia Seeds, Vetiver, Jasmine and Seashell. Method of Use After cleansing, massage into the skin, using upward and outward strokes. Leave on for 5 minutes. Remove with moist cotton. Shipping cost is VERY LOW 4.49 dollars only!!!!

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #125482 in Health and Beauty
  • Brand: Shahnaz Husain
  • moisturizing
  • anti aging

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