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Forest Essentials Bath & Shower Oil - Madurai Jasmine & Mogra 200ml

Forest Essentials' Bath & Shower Oils are water soluble oils made in a base of cold pressed oils from organically grown fruits, vegetables and nuts to provide your skin with a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for healing nourishment and lasting moisturization. Cold pressing fruits, vegetables and nuts extracts the natural oils present in these pure organic ingredients without altering or comprimising their chemical structure. This process preserves the natural healing potencies of these oils so that they can be delivered to the skin just as Nature intended. They are rich with Vitamins E & A, which are important for skin strength, elasticity, and moisture retention. In addition, they contain high levels of minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc, which are essential for cell renewal and vitality. As these oils are readily absorbed by the skin, they serve well as vehicles for the healing powers of herbal extracts and essential oils which are infused in this bath and shower oil. Madurai Jasmine & Mogra take the stage in this unique oil, with its seductive aroma and profound healing properties .In addition to their delicate and soothing aroma, the essential oils of Madurai Jasmine and Mogra are toning and purifying to the skin. It is rich with anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that protect the skin while its milding unique array of fatty acids emmolliates and tones the skin, leaving it fresh, tight, and soft as silk. This Bath & Shower oil from Forest Essentials is deeply nourishing and moisturizing to the skin, and the exotic fragrance of pure Essences of Madurai Jasmine & Mogra is therapeutic and revitalizing for your mind and body.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #549047 in Health and Beauty
  • Brand: Forest Essentials
  • Herbally infused Ayurvedic Bath & Shower Oil - Infused with the essential oils of Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Blossoms
  • Essential oils of Madurai Jasmine & Mogra - delicate and sensual fragrance and skin toning properties - anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant actions
  • Made in a base of organically grown, cold-pressed base oils derived from a variety of plants, fruits and nuts - nourishing and moisturizing to the skin
  • Bath and shower water soluble oils made of pure naturally distilled essential oils leave your skin supple, silky smooth and beautifully hydrated.
  • Herbal formulation is gentle yet effective - safe for all skin types

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