Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

Deep Sea Cosmetics Dead Sea DSC Hexalin - Expression Corrective Cream Spf-15

With Age and the progression of time , the skin on your face starts to lose its natural moisture and elasticity. Laughter and worry lines start appearing and become permanent expression wrinkles. It is now time to move to the Hexalin - Expression Corrective Cream . Deep Sea's new ground breaking product will give your skin a firmer appearance, lifting with youthful radiance . Deep Sea's scientific divisions has developed this cream for you based on revolutionary technology called HEXALIN :A complex of six peptides, proteins and natural plant amino acids, all to assist with the decrease of facial expression lines. This formula contains soy complex and light diffusers that work together to naturally even out skin tone and texture. Its also prevents future damage with broad spectrum protection from the sun UVA'S (responsible for premature lines and wrinkles) and UVB (Cause dangerous sun's UVA burns and skin cancers) rays. Application: after cleansing your skin, apply alone over the entire face and neck every AM/PM after HEXALIN - Intensive Revival Facial Serum application. For optimalresults, use product daily.

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #128786 in Beauty
  • Brand: Deep Sea Cosmetics
  • Model: Hexalin - Expression Corrective Cream

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