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Crushed Raw Cocoa Butter 4oz, Easier to use for Body Massage or quickly mix into your own creams (Full Bodied Flavor and Aroma)

This Cocoa butter is gently hand crushed into very tiny pieces so its easier to use if you just want to use it right away on the face/body or mix into your own creams or body butters etc. or a soothing body massage.Just try our Cocoa Butter once and you will be hooked. You will truly be enticed by the rich deep aroma of our True Cocoa Butter, smooth texture and full bodied flavor. Smell how fresh it is as soon as you open the box! Brough to you from the source exclusively by GreenPlanet-Organics so you know its Grade-A top quality. Do your skin a favor just try GreenPlanet-Organic's True Cocoa Butter once, you're sure to come back for more!Test our True Cocoa Butter:Leave an open container of our Cocoa Butter in a closed room and leave the room for some time. When you open the door and walk back in you will be taken by the wonderful delicious aroma and your room is now filled with the smooth, rich chocolate scent.True Cocoa Butter is hard since it is NOT mixed with a base butter to dilute it. It easily melts once temperature is raised.Our Raw Cocoa Butter is:Full Bodied True Cocoa ButterSmells deliciousGreat for face and bodyGreat for body massageGreat for baking100% True Cocoa Butter100% Raw100% Fresh100% Yummy!**(Genuine fresh hand crushed raw Cocoa butter is shipped & sold by GreenPlanet-Organics only with our logo & stickers, if it arrives from another vendor, do not use and demand a refund immediately for counterfeit)**

  • Ama**n Sales Rank: #515071 in Beauty
  • Brand: GreenPlanet-Organics
  • Ingredients: Only the finest fresh harvested Raw Cacao Butter.
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .25 pounds
  • Guaranteed hand crushed Raw Cocoa Butter into tiny pieces
  • Easier to use and mix than Cocoa Butter chunks
  • 100% Fresh, Raw & Unrefined. Full bodied flavor & aroma
  • Great for soft, supple & beautiful skin. Easy to use for body massage.
  • We stand by our promise to our customers not to add chemicals to any of our products!

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